1. This is the third of my #indyref comics.


  2. comicsoapboxscotland:

    In the first of a series of comics about Scottish Independence created by artists working in Scotland, we have these two pieces by Edinburgh based artist Stephen Goodall.  Stephen describes the project:

    "I have been trying to write a longer, more considered piece on independence for some time but is proving difficult for many reasons; foremost of these is the way in which adopting a position, especially when expressed through art, can make you feel somewhat vulnerable. These two more glib pieces were made while struggling to find a way to express more serious feelings about the matter and I think I’ve decided that a few smaller pieces will probably better express my  somewhat disparate feelings on the subject, rather than trying to encapsulate all of my views in a single comic-to-end-all-comics.

     The debate is unprecedented and historic; I have had to more closely examine my own politics and values.  I know this is also true of many of my friends and I think this increased engagement will be the great benefit of the vote whatever the outcome.  It is amazing how open, rational and empathetic the discussion has been at a local level among friends, family and colleaugues (at least in my experience) even though there have been unpleasantness and propaganda on both sides of the debate.  I love that politics doesn’t seem to be this thing you’re not supposed to mention in polite company any more.  Long may it continue.”

    You can read Stephen’s excellent webcomic IMR here.  Follow him on Tumblr here and Twitter here.


  3. comicsoapboxscotland:

    imageImage © Gill Hatcher 2014.
    The Scottish comics scene is clearly thriving at the moment as more and more artists appear on the scene, and as events like the Edinburgh Book Festival and local comic fairs raise the profile of local artists with the public. We think it’s a really exciting…

  4. pennedguins:

    Guin-ernica (after Picasso Guernica)

    At the request of @castlerockcomic to create a Penned Guin piece inspired from Guernica by Picasso I spent an interesting few days producing this image. If you’d like to know more about the history and story behind the original please follow this link (as a starter) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guernica_(painting)



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    DEAL OR NO DEAL #terror #dream #noeledmonds #dealornodeal #lynch

    DEAL OR NO DEAL #terror #dream #noeledmonds #dealornodeal #lynch

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    The second of my comics relating to the Scottish independence debate.

    here’s the second of my #indyref comics reposted from my other blog

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    The first of a few comics I hope to make about the upcoming referendum on Scottish Independence. #indyref

    a reblog from my other blog ‘A Chronicle of Things’

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  9. I also drew an Ewok.  If you’re an Ewok hater then you are probably dead inside.  #Ewok #StopTheHate #FanArt #maythefourth #starwars


  10. Jumping on the Star Wars fanart bandwagon :) #fanart #starwars #maythefourth