1. Doing a reprint of TDOJS, so redesigned the cover cos I don’t like the one with the face anymore.


  2. Here’s a look at the new set of minicomics ‘Omens’ I’ll be debuting at the Stripped/Edinburgh book festival comic fair on saturday.  Facebook event is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1404826803069016/

    hope to see you there!



  4. This is a character sketch of a deranged self help coach that features in the next comic.



  6. For the Love of Comics! - Self Publishing and the UK comics scene.


    - Edward Ross

    When people ask me how to become a comic artist, I have one answer: You want to be a comic artist, you be a comic artist.  I know it sounds lame, a little too reductionist for my own liking, but it’s kind of true.  I’m not saying you’ll be a good comic artist, or a successful comic artist, or even a paid comic artist… but you will be a comic artist.

    It was something of a revelation for me when I first discovered just how low the barrier to entry for comics was. A pen, some paper and a little money to run the library photocopier: that’s about all you need to get started.  It helps if you have more resources, but that’s the bare minimum. It’s an exciting foundation to work from: democratic rather than elitist; lo-fi and do-it-yourself, but with room to grow into and make your mark.


    A panel from Filmish issue 3

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  8. Here’s a kindle character design sketch for the next part of IMR


  9. The full 30 pages of my new comic The Diary of Joseph Stein is now up on my site.  This bit works on its own but is also a part of the ongoing narrative of IMR, my atmospheric horror webcomic.  Check it out: http://sdfgoodall.com/imr/archives/543


  10. This is a bit of fan art of Zenith, one of my fav characters from 2000ad.